If you have been on this page long enough, then you would have soon realised that this is a blog dedicated to food and all things edible. At ‘The Round Dinner Table’, we aim to provide our honest review on all food outlets that are either halal or certified halal.

The reason why we started ‘The Round Dinner Table’ is because like many Muslims in Sydney and Australia, thinking of places to go and eat could sometimes be a whole family event. You would have the sister googling halal restaurants that have yet to be tried, the mum suggesting a place to visit that was recommended by her friend all while the dad is listing his expectations the food needs to live up to.

Finally, a decision is made and the entire family goes out to eat. the end outcome is usually one of three things:

  1. The food and/or service were amazing and everyone has a great time.
  2. The food and/or service were average, and everyone is wishing they just stuck to the place they know always works best for them.
  3. The food and/or service were terrible and everyone is giving daggers to the person who suggested the place all while you are thanking God that it wasn’t you.

Here at ‘The Round Dinner Table’ we hope to make your decision-making process a bit easier and help you to never land in outcome 2 or 3. All our opinions are our own honest opinions, and all food is paid with our own money unless stated otherwise.


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