Easty Westy

When a new joint opens in Petersham by the name of ‘Easty Westy’ then you know that is a place that needs to be checked out. The new restaurant describes their food as a ‘fusion  of flavours from the East to the West.’ Boasting of robust flavours and unique halal dishes such as ratatouille, their Instagram page was enough for me to make a trip to Petersham along with my sister and my friend.

Now their Instagram page does mention how their interior is still under renovation, so although the place looks like an ordinary, clean cafe, the place is still warm and inviting. However, this could be more down to the fact that diners are greeted by a friendly funky chef who just emits a happy positive attitude. Once people are greeted by him, it is almost impossible to not take a seat and try their food.

So after looking at their menu, we decided to try out the following two items:

  1. Corn fritters
  2. Lamb cutlets with creamy spinach

Corn Fritters


A mixture of corn, polenta, spicy chutney, tomatoes and spring onion fried, served with crispy basturma and chives

First of all, these people are GENEROUS with their serving sizes. I was served a total of three fritters with a healthy amount of basturma placed on top of the fritters. The taste of the fritters was a little spicy from the chutney and sweet from the corn. It was a delicious blend of flavours with a smooth creamy texture that just melted in your mouth upon each bite. The basturma gave a salty kick which was perfect with the sweet and spicy corn fritters. This dish was perfectly portioned and if you were to remove the basturma, this dish would be perfect for vegetarians to enjoy too.

Lamb cutlets with creamy spinach


Grilled pepper marinated lamb cutlets served with a creamy garlic, mustard, basil and spinach sauce and roasted tomatoes, served with French Baguet.

This was a show stopping dish. Surprisingly the hero of this dish wasn’t the lamb cutlets, but the creamy spinach on which the cutlets were sitting on. Don’t get me wrong, the cutlets were beautifully cooked in which our knife was cutting through the meat like butter, but the creamy spinach is what made this dish amazing! Even after finishing the lamb cutlets, we were dipping the French baguet into the creamy spinach sauce and enjoying the crispy bread coated with the tangy, creamy sauce.

My overall experience at Easty Westy has left me wanting to go back and try out their other items on the menu. I would like to see more drink options such as mocktails, milkshakes and frappes, but given that this is a new restaurant I have no doubts that they would soon come out with more drink options that are just as amazing as their food menu.

Another point to note is their high level of customer service towards different dietary requirements. My vegan friend ordered the chunky ratatouille minus the eggs. Because she omitted the eggs, she ended up getting an extra serving of ratatouille. It is services like this that make us feel that our hard earnt dollars were well spent.

If you would like to try out Easty Westy for yourself, then you can find them at 1/98-106 Audley St, Petersham NSW 2049. Also, for a limited time, Easty Westy will deduct 10% off your total if you follow them on Facebook or Instagram. So grab your friends, and take a trip the historical suburb of Petersham and try this gem out for yourself.















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