It’s 11 pm on a Sunday morning and you are in the mood for a breakfast that can also be carried over to lunch. It is not the Sunday where you bring out the pots and pans to whip up a quick pancake batter, but a Sunday where you laze around a table accompanied by good friends and have others make the food for you. This sounds like a brunch to me and so for a Sunday like last Sunday, my friends and I decide to visit the hidden Glaçage (pronounced gla – sage) cafe in Bankstown.

Now when I say hidden, I mean hidden. This cafe is smooshed into a secluded corner on Chapel Street. If it weren’t for the sign outside, we would have walked right past it and perhaps deem the place to be non-existent. However, the difficulty of finding the place is what adds to the charm of Glaçage because when you step inside the cafe, you feel almost transported to a more tranquil place that is far away from the loud traffic and tall buildings in Bankstown. The interior is decorated with a botanical touch where you have the floral feature walls and rustic wooden pieces of furniture. The cool, green appearance makes this cafe to have a very laid back atmosphere which is just what my friends and I were looking for.

For our brunch we ordered the following items:

  1. Middle Eastern Board
  2. Baked Eggs with Chickpeas
  3. French Toast

Middle Eastern Board


The board that has everything that makes up a traditional breakfast with a slightly exotic twist. This platter comes with grilled halloumi, sujuk (Turkish sausage), sauteed mushrooms and tomatoes, labneh with olive oil and eggs cooked either poached, scrambled or fried.

We decided to go for scrambled eggs as the platter was being shared amongst four people. Honestly, I cannot fault the food. It was simple food that we are all familiar with and works great when shared amongst people. The mushrooms were sauteed giving it a rich, buttery taste and the eggs were seasoned well to compliment the other items on the platter. A highly recommended platter if you are after something simple and comforting.

Baked Eggs with Chickpeas


Out of the two savoury dishes, this one was my favourite. This dish is made up with a baked egg in the centre of a mixture made up of spicy chickpeas, grilled eggplants and slow-cooked tomatoes. This dish has a beautiful creamy, robust flavour that has a touch of sweetness from the chickpeas. Dipping the toasted bread was the perfect way to enjoy this dish because you get the combination of crunchy and creamy textures. If I were to choose between the Middle Eastern board or the baked eggs with chickpeas, I would definitely go for the baked eggs with chickpeas.

French Toast


This was the best french toast I have ever had. The thick brioche bread had a crunchy outside, with a soft, fluffy inside. The toast was topped with yoghurt and fresh berries drizzled with maple syrup. The tangy yoghurt, the tart berries and the sweet bread and maple syrup were just a combination to die for. In fact, as I am writing, I am craving to have another bite of their french toast. If you go to Glaçage for one thing only, then make the effort for their french toast as this dish would not disappoint you.

I would definitely be coming back to Glaçage to have another bite of their food. If you would like to try it out for yourself, then you would find them at the Courtyard, 465-469 Chapel Road, Bankstown, Sydney.


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