Sunday night usually looms an air of depression as the thought of going back to work the next day kicks in. As much as we all suffer from Mondayitis, going back to work is the sad reality and although nothing can be done about work, we can definitely do something to cheer ourselves up and what better way to do it then to eat hearty comfort food.

My friends and I decide to head over to Rashays for dinner as they have just released a new menu that I was itching to get my hands on. We get seated straight away by one of their friendly waiters and we were then handed the new menus.

After pouring over the menu, we finally decide on these 4 dishes:

  1. Chicken Risotto (I had the chicken replaced with some halloumi cheese) ($19)
  2. Chilli Prawn Fettuccine ($23)
  3. New York Steak ($29)
  4. Original Rashays Chicken ($25)

Chicken Risotto


Before I tell you what the risotto was like, I must confess that this was my first time eating a risotto. The reason why I needed to tell you this was because I am aware that this dish is hard to perfect or even get right (Masterchef Australia anyone?). So although I may not know what an authentic risotto might taste like, I can still review whether the dish tasted good or not.

Now whether this risotto tasted authentic does not matter because this dish tasted AMAZING! All the flavours in the dish provide a perfect balance of flavour. The caramelised onions gave the dish a sweet taste while the mushrooms gave the food a hearty, meaty taste that made me forget that there was no meat in the dish. The halloumi worked really well with all the other ingredients because the halloumi was providing a bite, chewy texture that complimented the creamy risotto perfectly. This is one dish that I would definitely come back to next time I visit Rashays.

Chilli Prawn Fettuccine


Even if you cannot handle too much chilli I urge you to not be frightened of this dish. The fettuccine is cooked in the perfect amount of chilli where the chilli is merely providing some heat in the background alongside some tangy herby flavours. The prawns were cooked perfectly where the flesh maintained a soft, creamy texture and serving size of the dish was very generous. Another dish of Rashays that cannot be faulted.

New York Steak


This dish I know too well because the New York Steak is what I usually order each time I visit Rashays. We had the steak cook to a medium well which gave us a tender, juicy steak that we were easily able to cut into. The steak also came with two sides of chips and a fresh feta garden salad which is also accompanied by some golden, crispy onion rings. This dish as a whole worked as a complete meal where you have your hearty steak followed by the salad for some freshness and chips and onions to provide some extra crunch. This dish is ultimate comfort food where each bite warms our insides with its familiar and traditional flavours. However, in future, I would stick to the Rashays creamy mushroom sauce because I prefer it over their new dark mushroom sauce.

Original Rashays Chicken


What is so great about this dish? You think it is the chicken right? Now even though the chicken was cooked to tender perfection, the hero of this dish is their signature Rashays creamy mushroom sauce. This sauce is what makes me come back to Rashays each and every time. This rich creamy sauce is flavoured with the mushrooms and has an indescribable taste. All I can say about Rashays creamy mushroom sauce is that it is flavours that we all know too well and would never fail us. This dish is also a thumbs up for me as the flavours all work well together because after all, how can chicken, creamy mushroom sauce and chips not work?

Another thing I would like to add is that up till now, I have yet to taste chips as good as Rashays. The cut and seasoning of the chips is perfect to my liking and is a must try with any dish you order.

So set aside a time and date and head over to Rashays to try out their new menu. Unfortunately, I could not try Rashays new ‘Rashake’ milkshakes so if you do give it a try, let me know in the comments down below what you thought of them.

To find your nearest Rashays branch visit their website http://rashays.com/ or give them a call on 13000 13000.





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