Sir Braxton Chocolate Bar

It is 7:30 pm on a Friday night and my sister and I have just finished dinner and were now craving a good coffee with some nice chocolate dessert on the side. Now we could have gone to the usual Max Brenner and enjoy our regular ‘tutti fruity waffles’, but I was in the mood to try something new and to go on a bit of a long drive. So finally we decided to try out ‘Sir Braxton Chocolate Bar’ mainly because of the many reviews we were hearing from friends and other food bloggers.

We get to Sir Braxton at around 9 pm and we were pleasantly greeted with friendly staff and a warm and cosy environment. At that time, the place was not too busy but had the right amount of diners to not give the place an abandoned look. We were quickly seated at a table that had Harry Potter like squishy armchairs and a rustic looking coffee table. Let’s just say, our expectations of the place increased once we were seated at our dining area.

We finally decided to order the following items off the menu:

  • Sir Braxton’s Waffles
  • Chocolate Candied Pizza
  • The Old Snickers
  • Salted Caramel Crunch

Sir Braxton’s Waffles


The waffles were served on a rustic wooden board and were served with strawberries, melted milk chocolate and vanilla ice-cream on the side.

When cutting into the waffles, the waffles gave a satisfying crunch sound. The taste of the waffles was quite satisfying as the waffles tasted light and airy with a mixture of tart and sweet flavours coming from the strawberry. I personally don’t enjoy my waffles with ice-cream, so for me, that was an unnecessary addition. Overall it was a good tasting waffle that I enjoyed and couldn’t find anything to fault on.

Chocolate Candied Pizza


The pizza was also served on a rustic wooden board. The pizza was topped with marshmallows, M&M’s, strawberries, bananas and chocolate rocks placed on top of melted milk chocolate smeared on what looked like Greek pita bread.

At first sight, the combination of all the toppings left me feeling a little hesitant and their choice of pizza base didn’t give me too much confidence in the pizza either. After taking a bite from a slice, my hesitation was confirmed to be accurate. The combination of all the toppings did not work well together and tasted mismatched and confusing. The base of the pizza tasted  doughy and raw which I was finding very hard to chew. It was a pizza that I found hard to finish and could not find any compliments for either taste or texture.

The Old Snickers


The salted caramel crunch was ordered from the drinks menu from their ‘speciality steamers’ range. The drink was served with whipped cream, topped with chopped peanuts and drizzled with milk chocolate and caramel on top.

As delicious and decadent as the drink looked, the taste was a big let down. The combination of the whipped cream and the chocolate and caramel did not go well together. the drink left an oily after taste and did not mimic the Snickers chocolate bar. It was a drink that made me feel that I should have just stuck to regular coffee or hot chocolate.

Salted Caramel Crunch


The salted caramel crunch was also ordered from the ‘speciality steamers’ range. The drink was served with salted caramel popcorn and whipped cream all drizzled with melted milk chocolate.

The salted caramel popcorn, when eaten on its own, was delicious. The caramel suger had the perfect balance of sweet, bitter and salty. In fact, I would suggest to Sir Braxton that they should sell the popcorn on its own because it tasted that good. However, the drink as a whole tasted too bitter because of the overuse of the salted caramel sauce. The overall taste was bitter with very little sweetness to balance the flavours out. It is a drink I would only go back to just to eat the salted caramel popcorn that was placed on top.

Sir Braxton Chocolate Bar, unfortunately, was a let down for me. Even though the waffles tasted great, it was nothing out of the ordinary that one cannot get from places such as Max Brenner. However, I have been told that Sir Braxton’s breakfast is a great hit with everyone so I would definitely be going back to try out their breakfast menu and to give them a chance to convince me one more time.







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